Willow Vale Group Day Retreat Friday 9 May 2021 - 6 Guests


Held at Willow Vale, on an idyllic farm nestled between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the day-long retreat welcomes a group booking for six guests to explore, cook, paint and unwind with a therapeutic yoga session.

Tyler Miscannon, is a qualified Yoga Therapist and experienced Yoga Instructor and will guide the guests through a practice based on ancient yogic philosophy and modern evidence-based movement and breath patterns. Before the day, Tyler will personally check in with each guest to understand their health and wellbeing.  

Following the practice, guests will be invited to the Willowvale cooking schools located on the property, which is operated by world-renowned French chef Bruno Loubet and his wonderful wife Catherine. The cooking class includes organically grown produce handpicked straight from the farm.  

Following the cooking experience, guests will share a meal together and then move to a self-guided art class. 

Your day at Willow Vale

  • Tea and tour of the farm and biodynamic garden
  • Group yoga with therapeutic practices
  • Flexitarian cooking demonstration and meal
  • Self-guided art class